Yonana Machine Review

Lifting the Lid on the Yonana Machine

My In-depth Yonana Machine Review

The world has gone mad for Yonana Machines and I would like to tell you why you should consider buying a Yonana Ice Cream Maker for yourself.

Firstly, the consistency of the blended bananas are exactly like ice cream. When I offer Yonanas to family and friends for the first time, they have no idea it not a regular ice cream.

Secondly, it so creamy! I have been a serial-dieter for years and I have a passion for ice cream and nothing comes close to what the Yonanas Machine makes. It keeps the flavors rich and creamy, whereas normal store-bought low-fat ice creams tend to be watery, have a list of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce and have a slight chemical taste in some cases. I don’t  even have to add ice or milk. Which brings me to another thing I love, … no preservatives!

The Yonanas Machine is also very quick to set up. It lives on my counter permanently because it is small and compact, so in no time flat I can whip-up bowls of delicious ice cream.

Cleaning the Yonanas Machine is a breeze, I could do it with my eyes closed. It’s uncomplicated and someone has actually put some serious thought into the design and functionality of it. Oh, and it looks good.

The reason it tastes like ice cream is because over-ripe bananas lose the ‘banana flavor’ as they get older and just taste sweet. So, whatever you mix with the banana-base is what the ice cream will taste like. For example: as an occasional treat I blend up my bananas (sometimes fresh good ones if I run out of over-ripe bananas). Then, I add frozen strawberries and white chocolate. When done, I fold in chopped fresh strawberries and sprinkle more shaved chocolate for extra decadence.

My favorite Strawberry and White Chocolate Ice Cream made in my Yonana Maker

There is a recipe book that has heaps of recipes for you to choose from. People rave about the mint/chocolate chip, and peanut/jelly ice cream but i have not made them as I have other favorites like the lemon/raspberry; which I leave to defrost until it is a very soft velvety texture (like soft serve). It … is … devine. I also make a coffee ice cream with rich Dutch chocolate bits, and a mango and chopped macadamia ice cream. For something fancy, when I have guests, I make a melon and mint sorbet; which has no bananas.

If I had something negative to say about the Yonana Machine, … it’s noisy. The voice-over on the TV infomercial must have been adjusted so those women could talk. Here at home, I have to shout if I want to be heard over the machine while it’s going, but remember it’s not turned on for long. I got the set of Popsicle makers, but none of the family have bothered using them. Another thing my family neglects is to clean the machine after they use it (even though it is so easy), but the trade off is that when I hear it whizzing away in the kitchen in the morning, at least I know my children are having a healthy breakfast.

I believe the Yonana Machine has saved me money for several reasons:
1.  I now use over-ripe bananas that would normally be put in the rubbish.
2.  This ice cream is about 4 times cheaper than normal ice cream.

I do use the large container that came with the machine to freeze left-overs. Whatever ice cream does not get used I just freeze it like regular ice cream. One thing to note is that if the ice cream is left on the counter and totally defrosts, it won’t go watery or icy; like if you were to refreeze a melted tub of regular ice cream. Here’s a major tips:  1. Make sure your frozen fruits are hard, otherwise the finished product will look like goop, and 2.  the machine will hold more banana around the blades and waste it if the fruit is not hard. Solution: start a bin of ice cream and just scoop off what is remaining in the machine and refreeze it for next time.

Last but not least, I have never been a fruit person and I always struggle with ways to disguise fruit when eating a balanced diet. I love the fact that I can now get my fruit, eat creamy ice cream and not feel guilty.

I think the Yonana Machine is a great ice cream maker, and I guarantee you will, too.